New Music Video for NWO

A few months ago, I called up our ridiculously talented friend, Matt Wignall (who also recorded most of “History Speaks”), and told him it was time to make a music video. A week later, he flew up from CA to our hood and we spent the next two nights climbing in the woods, and filming as much as we could with one camera and a single light. Theres a very closely cradeled spirit about everything connected to History Speaks. We paid for and put out this record ourselves, and although its more work than we ever imagined, we are thankful that we get to work alongside our friends who we deeply respect.                                                                                            

Check out the full article that I did with Spinner blog HERE for more details on the video.


NWO from matt wignall on Vimeo.



We are excited to announce that History Speaks will be available on CD starting June 1st. We were lucky enough to have our friend TW WALSH  remaster the record. He’s legit! He also has a phenomenal record out that you can listen to here.

The new remasters are up on our bandcamp site now.  For those of you purchased the record before May 10th and would like to download the new masters, please email us at newDSD@gmail.com and include the name you purchased the record under and we will send you a link to the new masters for free. 

Check back soon for new merch and CD pre-order info! 


Deep Sea Diver is Jessica Dobson, Peter Mansen, & friends.

Our debut record "HISTORY SPEAKS" is available on vinyl, cd, & digital download at our BANDCAMP site www.thedeepseadiver.bandcamp.com & on Itunes


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